Professional Services

Sustainability Strategy
What do we really mean when we use the word “sustainability”? Sustainability is a necessary future state in which our global society does not degrade the systems that allow it to function and flourish. In other words, it is a yet-to-be-defined state in which society could continue indefinitely. For an organization to be successful in the long-term, it must work toward sustainability as part of this larger transition. An understanding of a successful outcome is fundamental to being strategic. Your organizational journey toward this successful future is sustainable development, and we can help you to move in this direction.

Sustainability Education
Your employees are your subject-matter experts, and this is where the creativity inside your organization can be unleashed. With an understanding of sustainability issues and how they affect your organization, your staff can be empowered to uncover the solutions that will move you toward sustainability and generate significant ROI. You will be surprised by the ideas that lie dormant and untapped in your organization.

Sustainability Communications
How can you effectively communicate your sustainability challenges and achievements? How can you engage your stakeholders to help you tell your story? My experience in the sustainability and corporate communications sectors will help you clarify your intentions and tangible steps forward while avoiding the reputation risks of “greenwashing”.

Why bother?
Return-on-investment from pursuing sustainability comes in many forms. You will save on energy, materials and waste management costs. You can lower your exposure to regulatory, legal, operational and reputation risks. With a lower risk profile comes lower insurance costs and easier access to capital and finance. You can attract the type of talent that demands an employer with values that parallel their own. You can retain this talent by providing an innovative, meaningful workplace with a higher purpose. You can access new markets and deepen the loyalty of your existing customers and clients. Finally, you can build a positive legacy for the future.